Current Global Citizens Grant Recipients

Meghan Bellerose '17Meghan Bellerose '17 will travel to Kpando, Ghana this summer, where she will work with UNiTED, an organization that seeks to provide health education and promote health-seeking behavior among children and young adults in the region. UNiTED has begun a number of health outreach projects, including workshops on basic wound care and HIV prevention, distribution of health materials to local schools and medical facilities, and shelters in Kpando to provide free education, food, and clothing to children and mothers. During her ten-week stay, Meghan plans to spend her mornings working with young mothers and pregnant women, providing health and educational resources and communicating the signs of a healthy pregnancy. In the afternoons, she will work at HardtHaven Children’s home, UNiTED’s shelter for children who have lost parents to HIV/AIDS, helping with homework, daily activities, and health monitoring.

Juliet Eyraud '16Juliet Eyraud '16 will spend her summer in Phnom Penh, Cambodia working for Children for Change Cambodia as an English Teacher and Social Action Intern. Children for Change Cambodia serves children living in a red-light district of the city, offering them supplementary academic classes, school scholarships, emergency housing, and a supportive network of students and teachers. After volunteering at CCC during the summer of 2013, Juliet will return to their center to implement a self-designed curriculum intended to introduce students to service-learning, community development and place-based projects. Juliet hopes the curriculum, which she is developing through an Independent Study this semester with Professor Casey Meehan, will allow students to celebrate the positive elements of their neighborhoods while also brainstorming ways in which they can improve their communities and their futures.

Oriana Farnham '15Oriana Farnham '15 will travel to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to work with the Little Rose Shelter in Saigon. The shelter provides care for girls who are survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking. Along with day-to-day activities at the shelter she will be assisting in programs for psychological rehabilitation, health education, and awareness-raising as the topic of sexual abuse is largely taboo in Vietnamese society.

June Guo '16This summer through a Harpswell Foundation Fellowship, June Guo '16 will be working with the Harpswell Foundation in Phnom Phen, Cambodia. She will be teaching English and holding critical thinking workshops for college age women.

June's Global Citizen Grant will send her to a Tibetan Prefacture in China, where she will spend the summer of 2015 working with Sengcham Drukmo Girls’ Home. SDGH provides education, housing, nourishment, and medical care for Tibetan girls who been abandoned by their families. By educating young girls who otherwise would not have the opportunity, SDGH is paving the way for better lives for Tibetan women and also Tibetan society. By working with SDGH, June hopes to help address the education gap between rural and urban China, between boys and girls in rural China, and between socioeconomic classes. June plans to teach English to Tibetan girls (grades 2-6), help tend to the school's gardens, and develop workshops on yoga and mindful

Jesse Ortiz '16Jesse Ortiz '16 will spend the summer of 2014 in Kathmandu, Nepal volunteering with Social Development Center Nepal (SDCN). SDCN is a children’s home, currently caring for fifteen children whose parents are unable to support them. The organization provides the food, housing, education and medical care that otherwise may not have been available to the children. Jesse plans to serve as a Center volunteer - assisting with the general upkeep of the facility and playing and socializing with the children, while also teaching English at a nearby school.

Meredith Outterson '17Meredith Outterson '17 will travel to San Juan de la Concepcion, Nicaragua to work with La Mariposa Spanish School & EcoHotel.  She will spend these ten weeks living with a family in the rural community of Panama while working in the local school. La Mariposa Spanish School seeks to enrich the community through fair employment and community development projects. La Mariposa supports reading programs and tutoring in the Panama library, which Meredith will be participating in, as well as running afterschool enrichment programs. Finally, she will bring innovative technology to the school, and run creative programming for kids with it.

  David Silverman '15David Silverman '15 spent the summer of 2014 working with the Amy Biehl Foundation, an education-based nonprofit that runs after-school programs to develop and empower youth living in the challenged and vulnerable communities of Cape Town, South Africa. With the Literacy (English Language Learning) program he created and implemented daily lesson plans for a class of 4th-7th graders, as well as assembling comprehensive lists of educational activity/game types to do with or without handouts. With the HIV/AIDS Peer Education and Prevention program David worked to create and implement student evaluation surveys, establish a system of lesson plan creation and standardization, and improve and expand the curriculum to include more topics relevant to the students. With the Greening and Environmental program David assessed and implemented improvements to the Amy Biehl school break overnight camps, as well as leading hikes and creating a guide for how to lead outings/hikes safely.

Alex Thomas '16Alex Thomas '16 will travel to Lusaka, Zambia to work with Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group.  He will be working both in Lusaka and in the Copperbelt region with a project focusing on how to best address the issue of HIV/AIDS with vulnerable populations in Zambia, and specifically on how to gain wider acceptance of safe sex practices and birth control methods among this population.