Bowdoin's Global Connections

Whether you are looking for new opportunities to explore, post-graduation options, or potential sites to work with using the Global Citizens Fellowship, this list can be used to begin exploring the numerous global connections that the Bowdoin community has evolved in the past fifty years. We hope that you will connect to the various organizations by profiting from the contacts already forged by current Bowdoin students, alumni and faculty/staff, so that the relationships with these organizations might be sustained in years to come.

The Institute for Local Integrated Development Casa do Jardim is an education and local development organization that serves youth in the developing community of Jardim Canada, located in the outskirts of Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais, Brazil. The organization works with youth, providing academic support, sports and arts activities, and community integration events for the students, families, teachers and partners. The organization also conducts research on the Jardim Canada region, documenting history, sociodemographic data; mapping local resources and analyzing challenges and threats the region faces.
Issues: Youth, Education, Asset-based Community Development
Bowdoin contact: Joanne Durchfort, class of 1999

Neary Khmer
is a small woman’s organization in Siem Reap. The group works in rural villages to develop microfinancing programs and set up seminars on nutrition, health, sustainable home gardening and HIV/AIDS prevention. The group also supplies villages with water filters, and sponsors projects to dig wells and ditches for agricultural purposes.
Issues: Empowering Women, Health, Environment
Bowdoin contact: Lakhina Ky, class of 2011

Costa Rica
La Escuelita de Esperanza
is an afterschool arts and literacy program that serves an impoverished, primarily immigrant, neighborhood in San Jose, Costa Rica. The program provides a safe place for children to do homework, play, receive preschool and tutoring, and explore the arts.
Issue: Childhood Development, Promotion of the Arts, Immigration
Bowdoin contact: Sarah Glaser, Class of 2011

DR Congo
Working Villages
is a non-profit which tries to build communities all over the world whilst "addressing the root causes of hunger, unemployment and violence". Their most current endeavor, the Ruzizi Project, has promoted local agricultural development whilst maintaining environmentally sustainable principles.
Issues: Hunger/Unemployment, Environment, Health
Bowdoin Contact: Noma Petroff, Theatre and Dance Department Coordinator, Bowdoin College

Future Leaders aims to offer Ghanaian children from a background of extreme poverty the opportunity to fulfill their true potential in life. Their objectives are to work with street and underprivileged children and enable them to obtain an education; to provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment to the orphans that live at the centre; to offer continued educational support to children who we have sent to school; and to empower people within the local community to transform their lives and have hope for the future.
Issues: Education, Health, Poverty
Bowdoin contact: Jess Caron, Class of 2013

Heart for Humanity, an NGO centered in Accra, focuses on work in the educational and medical fields. The organization sets up its volunteers in local schools, clinics, and hospitals all across Ghana. Heart for Humanity is currently looking for volunteers for next summer.
Issues: Health, Community Development, Education
Bowdoin contact: Anirudh Sreekrishnan, Class of 2012

The goal of the Central American Medical Outreach Program is to strengthen "health care systems and promote sustainable community development" for the people of Honduras. Each year, they ask for volunteers to travel to Honduras and train professionals there so that they can adequately serve the local community. Alternatively, there are opportunities to work at CAMO's base in the United States (in Orrville, Ohio) to package and ship materials to Honduras.
Issues: Health, Community Development, Environment
Bowdoin contact: Katie Helmuth, Class of 2011

Las Sonrisas de los Niños is a project that helps impoverished children in and around the village of El Cacao, Honduras. The goal of the project is to provide children in the area with positive experiences that they would not normally have. The organization helps the well-being of children by providing food, educational resources and recreational activities.
Issues: Child Development, Education, Promotion of Arts
Bowdoin Contact: Karin Schmidt, Class of 2011

The mission of Communities without Borders is to educate the orphans of AIDS victims whilst fostering community partnerships. There are many ongoing projects that occur both in Zambia and in India which look for volunteers to get involved in over the summer.
Issues: Health, Community Development, Childhood Development
Bowdoin Contact: Richard Bail, Class of 1964, founder of the organization

Fairmail India is an organization that teachers underprivileged teenagers digital photography. The photos that teenagers make are turned into postcards and sold in Europe and the United States. Due to the exchange rate, the teenagers end up earning a significant amount of money, which is then used for each teenagers' schooling, health, and housing depending on each teenagers situation.
Issues: Promotion of the Arts, Childhood Development, Poverty
Bowdoin contact: Emily Tong, class of 2011

The Parijat Academy is a school for underprivileged children located in the village of Pamohi, Assam. The school provides free education to the impoverished children in Pamohi and neighboring villages. Children participate in many different programs such as weaving, computer efficiency, micro-financing, and arts along with a normal education regiment.
Issues: Childhood Development, Promotion of Arts, Education
Bowdoin contact: Dhaujee Kelly, Class of 2011

The Rainbow Academy is a non-profit English speaking school located in the Darjeeling district in West Bengal India. Rainbow provides inexpensive primary school education for underprivileged children from the surrounding villages and tea plantations. Even so, many of the students' families are unable to pay the small monthly tuition fees, and the school relies on alternative sources of income to pay teachers' salaries and purchase school supplies.
Issues: Education, Childhood Development, Community Development
Bowdoin Contact: Sam Modest, Class of 2010

The Friends of Kakamega
organization has been established in order to serve orphans in Kakamega, Kenya whose parents have died from the AIDS epidemic. Not only are there opportunities to serve with the orphans directly, but the organization is also in the process of developing an organic farm near the orphanage.
Issues: Childhood Development, Health, Environment
Bowdoin Contact: Eileen Johnson, Program Manager of Environmental Studies, Bowdoin College

ICROSS fights poverty and disease in poor and marginalized communities throughout Kenya.  The organization employs the resources and capabilities of community members, thereby empowering them to take responsibility for change and development in their own lives.
Issues: Community development, Poverty, Health
Bowdoin Contact: Sara Holby, Class of 2008

Shining Hope for Communities invests in education, health care and leadership for women and girls, because through them, they bring hope to entire communities. Initiatives include: Kibera School for Girls, a community center, the Johanna Justin-Jinich Community Clinic Annual summer internships and recent grad internships.
Issues: Development through education, prevention and local leadership for women and girls
Bowdoin contact: Susan Bell, A. Myrick Freeman Professor of Social Sciences, Bowdoin College

Little Field Home
is an organization based in the Chigamba Village of Malawi. Their current endeavors include education, health care and sustainable agriculture for the residents of the village. They offer one month long travel trips throughout the summer for college students and adults.
Issues: Education, Health, Environment
Bowdoin Contact: Rachel Turkel, Class of 2011

Nepal Orphans Home assists children in Nepal who are orphaned, abandoned, or not supported by their parents by providing for their basic needs, as well as schooling and health care, and a nurturing environment to develop and realize their potentials.  Through their affiliate program, Volunteer Nepal, they bring individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds who advance NOH's work while being completely immersed in the culture by placement in the homes of families in the community.
Issues: Health Care, Childhood Development, Education
Bowdoin contact: Peter Hess, Class of 1972

Prisoner's Assistance Nepal is a grassroots organization providing homes for the children of prisoners. Nepal lacks a social safety net to support children with incarcerated parents, believing the children of criminals will become criminals, so they go to prison with their parents. PA provides 100 children with homes and an education through their two children's homes in Kathmandu and Sankhu.
Issues: Childhood Development, Education, Poverty
Bowdoin contact: Rosalind Worcester, Class of 2011

Raksha Nepal is a non-profit women's organization that provides education, rehabilitation and job-training for Nepali women who are victims of forced prostitution. Due to geographic displacement and lack of skills, many women find themselves working in massage parlors or dance halls in urban centers where they are forced into giving sexual favors to maintain employment.
Issues:Empowering Women, Education, Community Development
Bowdoin contact: Rosalind Worcester, Class of 2011

Village Environment Community Gangkharka is a small NGO in the north region of Kathmandu providing rural communities with better access to education, healthcare, employment, and facilities while promoting and preserving traditional values, customs, and cultures. VEC envisions a balanced development that provides people with the opportunity, option and desire to stay within their communities and lead traditional sustainable lifestyles.
Issues: Education, Healthcare, Employment, Cultural Preservation
Bowdoin Contact: Birgitta Polson, Class of 2009

El Hospital Escuela Danilo Rosales Arguello
is Nicaragua's second largest public hospital and serves approximately 250,000. The hospital provides free medical care to Nicaragua's poorest populations, however it suffers from a lack of manpower and lack of modern medical equipment and basic supplies due to the country's poor economic conditions.
Issues: Health, Poverty, Homelessness
Bowdoin Contact: Kyle Dempsey, Class of 2011

Grupo Fenix contributes to the wellbeing of rural communities by creating an awareness of sustainable lifestyles through technical and cultural exchange, promotion, and research in the field of renewable energy. In the past, students have been involved in creating and implementing projects focused on sustainable development, including the building of solar ovens, solar dehydrators, biodigestors, and the establishment of permaculture.
Issues: Health, Environment, Community Development
Bowdoin contact: Sean Morris, Class of 2010

Project Wave Of Optimism's mission is to facilitate community-driven development in Latin American surf travel destinations, with a focus on sustainable community development and cultural understanding of rural coastal communities. WOO works to build positive relationships within the community, establish ourselves as a proactive ally of the local people, encourage local empowerment, raise awareness of local issues, and support local management of resources
Issues: Health, Education, Environment
Bowdoin contact: Melissa Quinby, Director, Women's Resource Center, Bowdoin College

Friends of Nuestras Raices
carries out activities of social support to our under served community in Lima, Peru and provides financial assistance and support to Nuestras Raices (Our Roots), a grass roots organization in the San Martin de Porres community of Lima, Peru, that fosters creativity, democracy and health through the promotion of art, traditional culture and folklore.
Issues: Youth development, cultural preservation, fighting poverty
Bowdoin contact: Enrique Yepes, Peter M Small Associate Professor of Romance Languages, Bowdoin College

Horizon Peru is a family run organization serving the children of the poorest neighborhood in Trujillo. Horizon House offers English lessons, individual tutoring, and a safe environment for kids to learn, and, simply, to be kids. In addition, Horizon Peru works in partnership with local schools to improve the English curriculum and encourage cultural exchange.
Issues: Childhood Development, Education, Promotion of the Arts
Bowdoin contact: Rosie Laflam, Class of 2011

Hope and Homes for Children
has been an instrumental in closing the institutionalized orphanages and transitioning to non-profit run orphanages and health care programs. In the post-communist era, there has been a sharp increase of abandoned children because of mental/physical disabilities or the overwhelming poverty.
Issues: Childhood Development, Poverty, Education
Bowdoin Contact: Samantha Collins, Class of 2011
Note: there are many sites where Hope and Homes for Children work, so check all of the different locations out!

South Africa
The South Africa Education and Environment Project (SAEP)
is an award winning non-profit dedicated to serving children and youth in the impoverished informal settlements (townships) of Capetown through academic support and personal development.
Issues: Education, Childhood Development, Community Development
Bowdoin contact: Emma Cape, Class of 2009

The Institute for Global Engagement
is a program for students who are "passionately committed to global justice and international development". Northwestern has established study abroad programs to India, Uganda, Bolivia and Nicaragua so that students can not only serve with local people on a daily basis but also have the unique opportunity to start their own project to combat a pertinent issue in the region.
Issues:Community Development, Various
Bowdoin Contact: Janice Jaffe, Assistant Director for Public Engagement,McKeen Center for the Common Good

For those interested in environmental issues and health issues, you may be interested in Pemón Health in Urimán, Venezuela.  The mission of Pemón Health is to demonstrate initiatives designed to provide sustainable improvements for the health of Pemón villagers
Issues: Health, Environment, Community Development
Bowdoin Contact: Eunsung (Elisa) Kim, Class of 2010

The mission of Communities without Borders is to educate the orphans of AIDS victims whilst fostering community partnerships. There are many ongoing projects that occur both in Zambia and in India which look for volunteers to get involved in over the summer.
Issues: Community Development, Health, Childhood Development
Bowdoin Contact: Richard Bail, Class of 1964, founder of the organization

If you would like to add an organization that you are affiliated with to this list, please contact Tom Ancona.