Fellowships and Beyond

Notes Working together

Service and learning are processes that should continue beyond seasons, beyond semesters, and beyond Bowdoin.

We support students who wish to engage in intensive public work over summer break, during winter vacation, and after graduation. And since we deeply believe that committed and qualified students should have the opportunity to engage in these life-building and life-changing experiences regardless of their need to earn summer wages, the McKeen Center offers an array of fellowship opportunities for full-time work with community initiatives in the United States and abroad. Not only do fellowships help students explore career options while building capacity in non-profit and civic organizations, but they also offer students the chance to tangibly contribute to communities today and gain the tools necessary to lead communities in the future. And when a student sees a need in a community that isn't being addressed, we're here to help them lead from day one.

Questions about fellowship, internship, and postgraduate opportunities can be addressed to Tom Ancona, associate director.