Resources for Students



Conference Calls and Long Distance Calls Students may use the phone in the McKeen Center. Contact Shawn Gerwig (, x4133) to make arrangements.

Reimbursements for supplies For student out-of-pocket reimbursements all receipts should be delivered to the McKeen Center to accompany payment voucher form. Contact Shawn Gerwig (, x4133).

Transportation Students may reserve vehicles online to get to their service sites and to conduct community-based work for courses. Once your reservation is made, bring an 'Authorization to Drive' form to the McKeen Center for our signature. Students can take these to Jo Jo Craig in Rhodes Hall to pick up vans.

Van Certification Training Training Special van certification trainings will be held for students doing community service or community-based work for courses. Dates will be communicated to faculty of community-based courses. Students must sign up with Jo Jo Craig (, x3689) prior to the training.

End of the Semester

Completing and Archiving Projects At the end of the semester it is most helpful to the overall community-based learning program and the community if all student projects are archived and made accessible to future classes and community partners. A digital version of students' work (papers, posters, powerpoint talks) should be adequately labeled, archived and a copy provided to the McKeen Center. Students can send a digital version of their work directly to Janice Jaffe or place copies of their work on a course folder on microwave, or on the File Services section of Blackboard. If you are using either one of the latter options, contact Janice Jaffe.  A member of the McKeen Center will access the data directly from microwave or Blackboard.

On-line Surveys At the end of each semester, the Office of Institutional Research sends out online surveys to all students, faculty, and community partners involved in community-based courses and projects. Information is compiled and sent in total to the McKeen Center in order to assess impact on students, faculty and the community, and to inform the development of the program. Individual course results are compiled and sent to the course instructors. It is most helpful if all students complete these surveys.

Symposium At the end of each semester students in community-based courses are encouraged to participate in the symposium held the day after the last day of classes. This event serves as a time for students to share with other students, community partners, faculty, staff and the public what they have learned as a result of their work in the community. Informal ways in which to present projects might be through posters, websites, PowerPoint slides or portfolios. While formal presentations are not typical, arrangements can be made where appropriate. Course instructors will be contacted by the McKeen Center about AV and set-up needs. Students should invite their community partners, other faculty and staff across campus, and their friends.