Resources for Faculty



Consultation McKeen Center staff can meet with individual faculty members to provide an introduction to those interested in developing a community-based project for a course or independent study. Contact Janice Jaffe (, X4156).

Community Partner Orientation To support faculty who are initiating community-based projects with new partners, McKeen Center staff are available to provide a brief orientation to and overview of community-based teaching for those community partners who are entering into campus partnerships for the first time. Contact Janice Jaffe (, X4156) or Eileen Johnson (, x7157). In addition, you can download a "Guide to Blackboard for Service Learning Classes" on the McKeen Center or IT websites.

Community-course Liaison The McKeen Center has funding for faculty teaching community-based courses to hire a student that can serve as a liaison between the professor, the students and the community partners collaborating in a course and provide support in implementing a community-based course project. Contact Janice Jaffe (, x4156) for more information.   

Honorarium for Guest Lecturers If you would like to have a community partner come in and speak with your class or serve as guest lecturer, the McKeen Center can provide a modest stipend to recognize their contribution. Contact Janice Jaffe (, x4156) for more information.

Mini-Grants Funding is available for costs related to community-based courses such as lunch tickets for community partners or non-board students, supplies, etc. Contact Janice Jaffe (, x4156) for more information. Requests should be made by mid-semester and before purchases are made to guarantee full funding.

Reflection Making sure that students have the opportunity to reflect upon their community-based learning experiences and connect their research/project in the community not only to course objectives, but also to the larger campus-community partnerships we are developing is significant to their overall learning and sense of accomplishment in the community. If you would like more information regarding reflection activities and assignments, contact Janice Jaffe (, x4156). McKeen Center staff are available to facilitate reflection activities for small groups of students who completed a project as an optional assignment.

Blackboard Blackboard can be a means of enabling students who are working on group projects to communicate between class time, and share work such as powerpoint presentations that they need to edit as a group. In addition, you have the option of setting up your site to allow any community partners access to materials pertaining to your community-based projects.

End of the Semester

Course and project write-up Before the symposium, the McKeen Center will contact each instructor teaching a community-based course to solicit a brief course and project summary, including a project title, a list of community partners and their contact information. The write-up is used in the program for the symposium and then transferred to the Community-based Learning Database as a record of projects completed in the community. Community partner contact information is used to solicit feedback through the on-line surveys at the end of the semester.

Completing and Archiving Projects At the end of the semester it is most helpful to the overall community-based learning program and the community if all student projects are archived and made accessible to future classes and community partners. A digital version of students' work (papers, posters, powerpoint talks) should be adequately labeled, archived and a copy provided to the McKeen Center. You can send a digital version of students' work directly to Janice Jaffe or encourage students to place copies of their work on a course folder on microwave, or on the File Services section of Blackboard. If you are using either one of the latter options, contact Janice Jaffe and a staff member of the McKeen Center can access the data directly from microwave or Blackboard. 

On-line Surveys At the end of each semester, the Office of Institutional Research sends out online surveys to all students, faculty, and community partners involved in community-based courses and projects. Information is compiled and sent in total to the McKeen Center in order to assess impact on students, faculty and the community, and to inform the development of the program. Individual course results are compiled and sent to the course instructors. Faculty should encourage their students to complete these surveys.

Symposium At the end of each semester students in community-based courses are encouraged to participate in the symposium held the day after the last day of classes. This event serves as a time for students to share with other students, community partners, faculty, staff and the public what they have learned as a result of their work in the community. Informal ways in which to present projects might be through posters, websites, PowerPoint slides or portfolios. While formal presentations are not typical, arrangements can be made where appropriate. Course instructors will be contacted by the McKeen Center about AV and set-up needs. Students should be encouraged to invite their community partners, other faculty and staff across campus, and their friends.