Public Engagement Teaching Research Links

The following links represent a small selection of the many sources of information available to encourage and support faculty in individual or course-related public engagement endeavors.

Opportunities for partnership Detailed information on community partner organizations, including their mission, issues they address, and volunteer and research needs. This database was initiated by students in Sociology 101 (Spring 2004) as part of their community-based project. Bowdoin’s Community Service interns and VISTA volunteers also assisted in collecting the information contained here.

Sample Bowdoin course syllabi Courses developed by Bowdoin faculty incorporating community-based learning and community-based research projects.

Community-based syllabi across disciplines

Campus Compact Service-Learning Syllabus Project Over 200 service-learning syllabi for courses from Biology to History are available on this national website.

National Service-Learning Clearinghouse The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse has an easy-to-use, searchable database of about 1,000 links in over 40 topic areas to high quality websites with information about service-learning courses and community-based research.

Institutional sites
Centers for public service, civic engagement and community-based learning on university campuses are becoming hubs for pioneering work that connects academic excellence and civic responsibility. Here are some examples.

The Swearer Center for Public Service (Brown University)

Ginsberg Center (University of Michigan)

Barbara and Edward Netter Center for Community Partnerships (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

Community-based Learning Initiative (Princeton University)

Haas Center for Public Service (Stanford University)

Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility (Swarthmore College)

Center for Urban and Global Studies (Trinity College)

Current Scholarship on Public Engagement
The McKeen Center will include links to peer-reviewed journals that publish scholarship on public engagement or community-based research in specific disciplines and we welcome faculty members’ suggestions. The following are journals devoted to public engagement scholarship across the disciplines.

The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning A national, peer-reviewed journal consisting of articles written by faculty and service-learning educators on research, theory, pedagogy, and issues pertinent to the service-learning community.

Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship A new peer-reviewed journal that will disseminate scholarship from any academic discipline “with the goal of integrating teaching, research, and community engagement”

Discipline-specific scholarship

Sociology Burawoy, Michael, 2005, "2004 American Sociological Association Presidential address: For public sociology, " The British Journal of Sociology , Volume 56, Issue 2. pp. 260-290

Public Sociology: Fifteen Eminent Sociologists Debate Politics and the Profession in the Twenty-first Century. Dan Clawson, Robert Zussman, Joya Misra, Naomi Gerstel, Randall Stokes. University of California Press, 2007 ISBN 0520251377, 9780520251373

Public Sociology: From Social Facts to Literary Acts. Ben Agger Rowman & Littlefield, 2007 ISBN 0742541061, 9780742541061

“Public sociology? Between heroic immersion and critical distance: Personal reflections on academic engagement with political life.” Michael Keith. Critical Social Policy, Vol. 28, No. 3, 320-334 (2008)

Producing Public Sociology: Contributions from Berkeley Faculty 

Forums on Public Sociology

American Sociological Association Task Force on Institutionalization of Public Sociology 

Charles R. Tittle,”The Arrogance of Public Sociology.Social Forces 82.4 (2004) 1639-1643

Current thought on Public Engagement

Diversity and Democracy Journal of AAC&U's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Global Initiatives that focuses on increasing students’ understanding of and responsibility to civic engagement as local and global citizens.

Adam Weinberg “Residential Education For Democracy” [pdf]

Global connections (links to scholarship on international community-based courses)

Mabel Erasmus. “An International Perspective on North American International Service Learning: Reflections Based on South African Service Learning Experiences” University of the Free State, South Africa [pdf]

Robert M. Hollister. “Elevating Global Citizenship By Building the International Civic Engagement Movement Of Higher Education” (Robert M. Hollister is the Dean and Pierre and Pamela Omidyar Professor, Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service Tufts University, MA)