Sara Holby

Sara Holby image

What was your class year and major/minor?

2008, History and Environmental Studies

What is your current job, and city of residence?

I am the co-founder of Ajiri Tea, and I currently live in Somerville, Mass.

In what ways have you been engaged with the community since graduating from Bowdoin (both professionally and personally)?

I am mainly involved with the community of Kisii, Kenya, where I purchase tea leaves for Ajiri Tea, employ the town women to hand-make the tea boxes, and donate funds to put orphans through school.

What's been your favorite or most meaningful experience in public service since you graduated?

Founding and running Ajiri Tea has been an amazing experience. It’s also been incredible to see the first of the students we’ve been sponsoring through school to graduate high school.

Have any unexpected challenges or difficulties related to this work popped up along the way? If so, what did you learn from these challenges?

A lot of challenges have popped up of getting the company started and continuing to run it. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced through this process is finding people in Kisii I can trust and work well with over such a tremendous physical distance.

What advice do you have for students who want to work for the common good after Bowdoin?

Go for it! Work in the public service sector can be very rewarding and fun. You might not know where your path to a career in this field is going, but know that the pieces will fall together.