Elizabeth Mcghee

What was your class year and major/minor?

89, Studio Art major, Art History minor

What is your current job, and city of residence?

Program Manager, Spindleworks (program of Independence Association in Brunswick), and I live in Portland.

In what ways have you been engaged with the community since graduating from Bowdoin (both professionally and personally)?

I’d say that in my wanderings I have tried to find ways to affect positive change and that quest has taken me through a number of experiences engaging with different communities on different levels. I have been an outreach volunteer for Earth Island Institute in San Francisco, an Experiential Educator in Maryland at an outdoor school, and most recently the manager of an art center for adults with disabilities. Personally, I engage with the community by making mindful choices, and supporting efforts that strengthen local communities and the economy whether that be in the arts or the grow local movement.

What's been your favorite or most meaningful experience in public service since you graduated?

My most meaningful experience continues to be the work that I currently do at Spindleworks.

Have any unexpected challenges or difficulties related to this work popped up along the way? If so, what did you learn from these challenges?

Sure, all the time, and they keep coming. They either break you or strengthen your resolve.

What advice do you have for students who want to work for the common good after Bowdoin?

Be humble. Recognize there are many different places and people to learn from. Be more curious than driven. Allow for the time to find something that you believe in and follow it, even if it’s not what you first thought it would be. If you believe in it, that will fortify you for the challenges that await you.