William Y. Christie '70

Citation for William Y. Christie, 1994 Common Good Award recipient.

"William Christie, you have made a significant personal commitment to the education of deserving young people.  Despite the challenges of your profession as a trial attorney, you have traveled to Jamaica, Barbados, and throughout New England to identify students of color and young people with physical disabilities who are worthy of a college education.  You have taken these young men and women under your wing to ensure their completion of a four-year degree at St. Michael's and Bowdoin Colleges, serving as a mentor, guidance counselor, financial advisor, and friend.

Bill, your commitment to these students has been admirably enduring and meaningful, continuing for these young people through their graduate school experiences, as they have located full-time employment, and even longer.  For this wonderful service to humanity and to the common good, Bowdoin College is proud to present you with one of its highest honors, the Common Good Award."

June 4, 1994