William Holmes '77

Citation for William Holmes, 1994 Common Good Award recipient.

"William Holmes, you have committed your life to education and community service, and in recognition of this, Bowdoin College is honored to present you with the Common Good Award.

Since graduating from Bowdoin, you have served as an untiring volunteer and counselor for numerous community organizations. As volunteer executive director of the Grace Gospel Church and emergency relief counselor for Edwin Gould Services for Children, you have given of yourself to your own home community. As program director for New York City Councilman Foster's Substance Abuse Program and for the 16th Councilmanic Youth Council programs conducted by the Supportive Children's Advocacy Network, and through your work at the Mullaly Center, you have diligently served the people of the South Bronx. As a teacher, trustee, and friend, you have supported many educational institutions, including Prep for Prep, the Collegiate School for Boys, and our very own Bowdoin College.

Your work has been recognized by the N.A.A.C.P., the City of New York, and the hundreds of families that you have served. It is now Bowdoin College's honor to present you with one of its highest honors, the Common Good Award."

June 4, 1994