Ellen Baxter '75


Citation for Ellen Baxter, 1994 Common Good Award recipient.

"Ellen Baxter, for seven years you have served as director of program development in supported housing for the Community Service Society in New York City and changed the lives of hundreds of homeless people.  In recognizing your unwavering service to humanity, Bowdoin College is honored to present you with the Common Good Award.

The New York Times has recognized your leadership role in the development of permanent housing for over 220 people in Washington Heights, housing that costs nearly half of what is spent on the city's government-supported shelters, yet which is well-maintained, staffed, and supported by outreach teams working to identify would-be tenants.  You have been characterized as having the "instincts of a street fighter and the tenacity of a badger," in light of your untiring negotiations with neighborhood leaders and politicians.  And yet, your commitment to "basic dignity and a place in daily life" forever pervades.  It is an honor for your alma mater to recognize your achievements by presenting you with one of Bowdoin's highest honors, the Common Good Award."

June 4, 1994