Geoffrey Canada '74


Citation for Geoffrey Canada, 1993 Common Good Award recipient.

"Geoffrey Canada, you have been referred to as "one of the truly special leaders of our day," and, in recognition of your unwavering service to children and community, Bowdoin College is honored to present you with the Common Good Award.

Beginning with your own childhood in the South Bronx, you have lived with a special sensitivity and commitment to the needs of disadvantaged children.  After completing degree programs at Bowdoin and Harvard, you applied your energies and your concern for oppression to your work with children as a camp director for the emotionally and physically disadvantaged, as a teacher, and as a health care provider.  In 1983, you returned to New York to begin what has become a lasting relationship with the Rheedlen Centers for Children and Families.  Now Rheedlen's chief executive officer, you bring a sense of respect and care to more than 2,000 children in Harlem, Manhattan Valley, and Hell's Kitchen.  You have been highly recognized for your abilities and serve as the eastern regional coordinator for the Black Children's Crusade of the Children's Defense Fund.  In December 1992, you received the Hero's Award from the Robin Hood Foundation in New York.  It is an honor for your alma mater to recognize your achievements by presenting you with one of Bowdoin's highest honors, the Commmon Good Award."

October 15, 1993