Barbara E. Hendrie '80

Citation for Barbara E. Hendrie, 1993 Common Good Award recipient.

"Barbara Hendrie, your work as a public information officer with Oxfam America led you to Africa, where you have remained for nearly ten years supporting famine relief efforts and helping those in need.  You have served as a field monitor for the emergency relief efforts of Interfam in the famine-stricken Horn of Africa.  For four years, you stationed yourself in Khartoum, Sudan, traveling across the border to Eritrea and Tigre, where Africa's longest war disrupted humanitarian assistance to famine victims.  Throughout this time you put your own life at risk to ensure that those in need received the food and supplies intended for them.  Recognizing that you could do still more, you entered the University of London to obtain a master's degree in social anthropology, which you have earned with distinction, concentrating on humanitarian aid in conflict zones.  Presently at work on your Ph.D., you have returned to the Horn of Africa to conduct field work, studying coping and survival mechanisms used by Tigrean people in times of drought, famine, and other disaster.  With support from Save the Children, Oxfam United Kingdom, and Norwegian Peoples Aid, your work is sure to bring great benefit to many.

Barbara, it was with you in mind that the idea of the Common Good Award was originally conceived by your former classmate, Cynthia McFadden.  It is an honor for your alma mater to recognize your achievements by presenting you with one of Bowdoin's highest honors, the Common Good Award."

October 15, 1993