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Center for the Common Good

Teresa Liu
Class of 2015

Posted July 09, 2012

Before coming to Bowdoin, Teresa Liu (Biology) had spent her summers working at youth summer camps and knew that she wanted to continue her passion for working with kids in college. As a Girl Scout of 13 years, she was excited to bring her love for community service from San Jose, California to Brunswick, Maine.

Teresa's first encounter with the McKeen Center was with in the Alternative Spring Break program. Her ASB experience in Camden, New Jersey can best be described as humbling and eye opening. Working with Urban Promise, an organization which provides outreach programs to ensure that students have essential skills for academic and social achievement, as well as to encourage leadership potential and creative growth, she had the opportunity to make connections between what she saw firsthand in Camden and what she had learned about inner-city public schools from her Education 101 class. She also worked with other enthusiastic students from other colleges and met community members with big hearts and a fierce sense of dedication to serving Camden. For her, ASB became a catalyst for a beautiful chain of reactions. She came away inspired to start more discussions on urban education reform back at Bowdoin, to seek more service opportunities in the Brunswick community, and to consider a minor in Education.

Teresa's service involvement is also localized as she also enjoys mentoring at Brunswick High School and hosting perspective students through Admissions and hopefully contributing to the talented, diverse, and collaborative environment that is Bowdoin.

Teresa is looking forward to serving on the Judicial Board next fall, as well as being a Writing Assistant in Training (WAIT) for The Writing Project.

"The most important lesson I took away from my ASB experience was to not go into service with expectations of completely transforming a community and seeing progress happen right before my eyes. Though certain tasks may have seemed menial at the time, everything that my ASB group did that week - whether it was painting the parking curb yellow, gardening in the community greenhouse, or interacting with kids in classrooms - was a meaningful step in the right direction."

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“It's exciting and rewarding to show perspective students the best of the College - from introducing them to faculty and welcoming them to dorm life, to showing them all of my favorite campus spots and taking them to explore town.”