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Caroline Moore
Class of 2014

Posted May 07, 2012

Caroline Moore (Biology/Education) has always been interested in community service work, specifically surrounding the importance of ensuring adequate nutrition and water for everyone. The summer before coming to Bowdoin, she volunteered her time working with youth in a rural village in the Dominican Republic, where she saw first hand how the things we take for granted, such as clean water and nutritious food, are luxuries for so many people.

At Bowdoin, Caroline hoped to become engaged in the greater Brunswick community. Having worked at a food pantry and shelter at home in Massachusetts, she began volunteering with Tedford Housing during her freshman year, going once a week to serve meals and talk with people there. This year, Caroline is a co-leader for the Tedford Housing group and has been working with Tedford to help meet their changing needs. Instead of serving meals, the group has focused more on up-keep of the apartments and grounds, so that new families can move in as soon as possible.

Caroline is also interested in working with youth, especially when they "light up when they 'get' a concept or talk about their favorite book." Through two different Community-based Courses she was able to connect theory to practice, first through Psychology 210 Infant and Child Development with Professor Sam Putnam , and then in Education 203 Educating all Students with Professor Doris Santoro. Whether through working in related projects at the Bowdoin Children’s Center or in a fourth grade classroom, she feels she has learned about how to best meet the needs of different types of students. Her passion for youth has also led her to volunteer occasionally with the Brunswick Parks and Recreation Department at special events, including their annual Halloween Parade.

"Volunteering is not about the recognition you may receive for your actions; it is about doing the right thing. When something needs to be done, do you face it head on, or turn away, hoping someone else will devote their own time? No matter how much or little time you may have, giving back to the community - in whatever way you can – is always appreciated."

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“Being able to see the developmental milestones we were learning about in class happen in real life allowed me to connect with the material and understand it at a much deeper level; there is only so much learning that a text book can provide.”