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Story posted November 29, 2012

"Working with Teach Huaraz Peru has helped me narrow my interest in environmental issues and sustainability, a field I hope to pursue in the future. I maintain ties with Teach Huaraz by contributing online content to their webpage and social media sites, helping them attract more volunteers and develop their outdoor education and wilderness therapy programs." Ben Richmond

For another year, the McKeen Center will be offering first, second and third year students at Bowdoin the opportunity to pursue summer volunteer and public service projects outside of the United States. The program aims to support student projects that are independently designed, and allow the student to focus on providing direct service in novel, local communities. For four to ten weeks, applicants will immerse themselves in foreign cultures* from which they will broaden their international perspectives. The experience will also provide students the possibility of giving a sizable service contribution to the foreign communities in which they will work, and are expected to share that new perspective with the Bowdoin community upon their return.

Grants of $2,500 will help cover the costs of travel and living expenses for the four to ten week period. Applicants may affiliate themselves with an existing organization in-country, but grants will not pay the cost of joining an international “service trip,” “voluntourism,” “service trip” or other related endeavor that requires a purchase to participate. Students on financial aid as determined by the Student Aid Office may apply for an additional earnings replacement stipend.

EXPECTATIONS Participation in the Global Citizens Grant program requires: * Attendance to an orientation for the program * Convening with other grant recipients and staff upon return to campus for discussion, reflection and to Identify common themes which could be addressed through campus-wide educational programming. * Presenting a summary of the experience to students, faculty and staff in a public venue organized by the McKeen Center for the Common Good * Participating in an evaluation of the program at the end of the summer to help craft future program components.

Click here to read about what some of the projects recipients of the Global Citizens Grant have designed for their summers.

* Please note, however, that students are discouraged from travelling to countries that have a US State Department warning in place)


Side banner quotes: “I learned that service doesn't need to be a struggle—when people and communities have fun, they can do amazing things." – Lucy Walker ‘14 “They welcomed me into their lives, invited me to join their games, taught me about their culture, and opened a place for me in their hearts.” – Julie Bender ‘13

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