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Will Cabana
Class of 2011

Posted February 17, 2011

During the fall of his sophomore year, Will Cabana '11 joined Bears and Cubs, an on-campus program run through Big Brothers Big Sisters in which he is a one-on-one mentor for a 6th grader. Though the program only meets every other week, he has been with his match for two years and they have developed a good relationship. Will says that it is great seeing his mentee grow over the past couple of years and rewarding to know that he can be a positive influence.

Also during his sophomore fall, Will took Educating All Students, with Education Professor Doris Santoro. This course had a community-based component for which each student spent 24 hours in a local elementary classroom. While in the class, Will focused on gathering notes for his case study, but developed such a close relationship with the class that he decided to go back in the spring just as a volunteer. The teacher was very welcoming, and he gradually took on more responsibilities in the classroom along with individually helping students. The experience culminated with a field trip down to the Boston Museum of Science on which Will got to be a chaperone.

Since this course, Will has decided to pursue a career in teaching. The certification process involves more service learning placements in local schools. While part of the placement is academic and geared towards his training as a teacher, the Education Department also stresses the service component. Education students are encouraged to give back to the community by making a difference in the classrooms in which they are placed.

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“I feel very lucky that I am able to combine my academics and future goals with community service. I never thought I would be doing something like this in college, but now it is an integral part of my life at Bowdoin.”