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Morgan Taggart-Hampton
Class of 2011

Posted February 10, 2010

Morgan Taggart-Hampton '11 first got involved with community service at Bowdoin through her involvement in the community-based research course, Maine Social Research (IDEP 240) – spring semester of 2009, with Sociology Professor Craig McEwen. In this class, students developed an interview protocol and traveled to Perryman Village, a low-income public housing complex in Brunswick, to talk with residents about the stigma of living in low-income housing, the social support networks that would be lost with relocation, and their future housing preferences.

Morgan continued working with Professor McEwen the following summer, moving the research on low-income housing issues forward and contributing to a report that is currently influencing housing policy in Maine.

She was then able to assist other students in community-based research projects fall semester when she served as a Community Course Liaison for the Maine Social Research class.

Morgan also has played a significant role in helping the McKeen Center with the Word on the Street assessment project which aimed to better understand students' perceptions of the common good and the role that the McKeen Center should play on campus in this regard. In this project she organized, led and transcribed focus groups with multiple groups across campus.

This year Morgan is volunteering with two Bowdoin Volunteer Corps organizations: the Volunteer Lawyers Project, working with Pine Tree Legal Aid to provide legal options to callers below the poverty line, and leading the College Guild, providing educational support for prisoners through the U.S. Postal system.

"In my attempts to give back to the community by listening to their voices and becoming involved with underserved populations, I have gained a more rounded view of the world surrounding the Bowdoin bubble."

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“Serving the common good is about taking the privileges that I have been given and using them to help others, in any aspects of life that I have the ability to.”