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Jayme Okma Lee
Fund Associate, Small Enterprise Growth Fund ~ Class of 2000

Posted February 22, 2010

Jayme Okma Lee graduated from Bowdoin in 2000 with a dual degree in Economics and Mathematics. Upon receiving an MBA from the Universtiy of Maine, she began working for the Small Enterprise Growth Fund (SEGF).

The SEGF was created by an act of the Maine Legislature in 1995 to provide Maine companies and entrepreneurs access to patient sources of venture capital. The mission of the fund is to provide resources to attract, support and develop eligible small businesses that will contribute to the prosperity of Maine. SEGF uses the venture capital model to invest in Maine companies with the potential for high growth and public benefit. This funding allows innovative Maine companies to accomplish such things as finalize product development, commercialize their products, expand sales and marketing efforts, and attract an experienced management team.

As the Fund Associate, Jayme meets with aspiring Maine entrepreneurs to learn about their businesses; performs due diligence research on a high-potential Maine business in which the Fund is considering investing; performs management consulting projects for the fund’s portfolio companies; and organizes networking and educational events for entrepreneurs throughout the State. Access to capital is vitally important to the success of businesses, especially for innovative, entrepreneurial ventures. Jayme’s work with the Small Enterprise Growth Fund supports some of Maine’s most talented entrepreneurs and businesses.

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“The best part about my job is meeting Maine entrepreneurs and learning about their innovative ideas and businesses. Great change can come from anywhere - not just Silicon Valley.”