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Dr. Samuel Broaddus
President, Portland Urological Associates ~ Board Member, Konbit Sante ~ Class of 1973

Posted February 18, 2010

Dr. Samuel Broaddus operates within two worlds. He serves as a senior partner and president of Portland Urological Associates, overseeing a staff of more than thirty employees, and he also volunteers with and serves on the board of directors for Konbit-Sante, a Maine-based volunteer partnership that aims to improve public health by working with two hospitals in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

In 2000, he was approached by a core group of healthcare professionals who were interested in working in Haiti. Sam spoke to them about his experience in an area of Haiti that had a well-run hospital. The discussion turned to the underserved Cap-Haitien area in northern Haiti and from this conversation Konbit-Sante was born.

Sam has developed what has been considered a model partnership between his colleagues in the United States and medical specialists in Haiti. Between 1993 and 2008, he traveled to Haiti ten times to provide medical care in its hospitals. In collaboration with Konbit-Sante and Maine Medical Center’s Department of Surgery, medical residents from Haiti are completing rotations in Portland. This past January, Sam and Dr. Brad Cushing completed a first-ever assessment of the surgical practices in northern Haiti. Sam notes that the report itself was written at the request of the medical director of the Justinian Hospital, Dr. Jean Coq. For Sam, the mission of Konbit-Sante is to help Haitians make change.

In 2003 Dr. Broaddus received Bowdoin's Common Good Award.  Read more about his work in Haiti.

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“We should never be spectators to the suffering of others.”