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Spring 2009 Community-Based Courses

Story posted January 16, 2009

Community-based courses take learning beyond the classroom. Students in these courses apply the knowledge and analytical skills from class to addressing real environmental, social and cultural issues in the local community. You might find them conducting interviews with community members, researching, evaluating policy options, testing soil or water samples, creating public art or preparing instructional materials and offering ecology, language and culture or other lessons to students in area public schools.

Here are the community-based courses being offered this semester:

BIO 158/CHEM 105/ES 201 – Perspectives in Environmental Science (J. Lichter, D. Vasudevan)
ED 203 - Educating all Students  (D. Santoro)
ED 302- Analysis of Teaching and Learning (D. Santoro)
ED 305 – Adolescents in School (K. Templeton)
ECON 301 – The Economics of the Family (R. Connelly)
FR 309 – Joan of Arc and La Marianne in French Literature and Culture (A. Curulla)
GEO/ES 100 – Environmental Geology and Hydrology (P. Lea)
HIST 242/ES 203 – Environment and Culture in North American History (M. Klingle)
IS 240 – Maine Social Research (C. McEwen)
SOC 218 - Sociology of Law (C. McEwen)
SP 204 - Intermediate Spanish II (E. Wheelwright)
VA/ES 233 - Architecture and Sustainability (W. Theodore)
VA 275 - Architectural Design II (W. Theodore)

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