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Steve Lavoie

Posted February 02, 2009

Steve Lavoie grew up in Brunswick and, as a child, he was raised to look out for any way he could help in the community. That came handy in 1972 when a brush fire broke out on Church Road and turned into a major woods fire. Driving by, Steve stopped to see if he could give a hand and, not long after that, he joined the fire service in Brunswick. Today, after much fire education and training, Steve serves as lieutenant of the Topsham Fire Department Volunteers.

In recent years Steve has taken his service to a different level by working with junior firefighters, as he sees it is important to pass along safety support to others. Teenagers who are 14 and over can work with the volunteer firefighters, but require significant training before doing so. As a junior advisor, Steve helps these young men and women learn fire science, how to handle hazardous materials, and how to fight wildfires. In this way, he is equipping the next generation to help the community, too.

Learning ~ Serving ~ Leading ... for the common good.

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“I enjoy working for the public. My whole life has been about helping other people. It's just what you do.”