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Sean Morris
Class of 2010

Posted November 16, 2009

Sean first became involved with service at Bowdoin in 2007 when he applied to co-lead the 2008 Alternative Spring Break trip to Pontotoc, Mississippi with a friend who had gone on the trip the year before. That fall he applied to be a part of the Common Good Grant committee and ended up "spending a lot of time in the McKeen Center".

During Bowdoin’s 2008 fall semester Sean traveled to Nicaragua to work with Grupo Fenix with funding from a Global Citizens Grant. Grupo Fenix is an organization that contributes to the wellbeing of rural communities by creating an awareness of sustainable lifestyles through technical and cultural exchange, promotion, and research in the field of renewable energy. Sean worked and did research for members of a solar energy cooperative in the rural village of Totogalpa, Madriz, to create and implement projects focused on sustainable development, including the building of solar ovens, solar dehydrators, biodigestors, and the establishment of permaculture.

In the fall of 2009 Sean joined the McKeen Center staff as a McKeen Fellow and Student Co-Coordinator of the Common Good Grant program.

Read more about Sean's time with Grupo Fenix.

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“One thing that I've been afforded from my service experiences is an understanding of the difference between 'service' and 'work' and subsequently, what it means to lead a life of service to the common good.”