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Sayre McAuliffe
Class of 2009

Posted April 13, 2009

As a sophomore who attended the Volunteer Fair seeking a community service opportunity, Sayre McAuliffe was inspired by the enthusiasm of the leaders of the Tedford Housing student group.

She decided to join the group, which helps prepare meals for shelter guests. The experience was so important to her that she ended up becoming the group’s student leader and now helps lead all community service groups as co-president of the Community Service Council.

When she started volunteering, Sayre began baking cookies to bring with her each week to the shelter in order to help break the ice with residents. She’s enjoyed the interesting people she has met – all of whom have varying life stories – and also has learned to appreciate her own outgoing qualities that help her connect with people. Sayre has found that volunteering at Tedford helps both Bowdoin students and shelter residents learn that they are all part of the same community and have something to contribute.

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“I have learned to appreciate what I have and also to appreciate the differences in people.”