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Mark Donovan

Posted April 23, 2009

Mark Donovan builds things at Bowdoin during the workday, and helps build community in Georgetown when he goes home for the night. 

Years ago, a town selectman knew that Mark was a carpenter at Bowdoin and asked him to help repair the town's tennis courts.  Once Mark started, he didn't stop - and now he is the chair of the Georgetown Recreation Department.  As such, he manages a budget of about $8,000, which he "tries to split up judiciously," ensuring that every age group benefits from the money.

Mark has also been at the forefront in innovation in Georgetown as one of the founding members and current vice president of the Georgetown Community Center, resurrected from an abandoned grange hall.  Now, he says, the center is a complete success, with constant activity.  From the cribbage boys to the Women's Working League, which makes beautiful quilts to sell for charity, the center has a full calendar.

A former lobsterman, Mark considers the annual Blessing of the Fleet, which he started about four years ago, to be one of his proudest achievements.  The celebration brings together everyone in the community.

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“An old Mainer told me, 'You can be an asset or an ass.'  I thought that was good advice.”