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Mark Bellis
Class 0f 2010

Posted September 02, 2009

As a sophomore Mark Bellis volunteered in the Aspirations in Maine college outreach program at Mt. Ararat High School. As a junior he served as the co-leader of the Aspirations program.  This year Mark will lead the Aspirations program.

Founded by a Bowdoin student who completed a fellowship at the Mitchell Institute, Aspirations in Maine works to utilize the College as a resource to Maine high school students through multiple outreach programs, including overnight campus visits and workshop programs held at local high schools. The purpose is to encourage students to think about—and aspire to—all types of post-secondary education.

Mark will coordinate the ongoing programs with Brunswick High School and Mt. Ararat High School. These programs include workshop sessions on college life, applying to college, and college financial aid. Bellis says that he had access to excellent college-preparation assistance while a student at a New Jersey preparatory school, and he says he decided to become involved with the Aspirations program so that local students will have access to the same resources he received.

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“I decided to get involved with Aspirations in Maine to help provide students with the same resources that I received.”