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Joanne Adams
Head Baker

Posted June 03, 2009

Joanne Adams is passionate about providing a loving environment for all pets. She lives this out through several community partnerships. For instance, Joanne sews catnip items and sells them in local retail stores, donating a percentage of profits to FIX ME, a program that provides spay and neuter services to low-income Maine families.

Joanne previously served as the vice president and operations manager for A Paw in the Door, a midcoast Maine cat rescue group. She represented this organization on the Give and Go committee, helping them raise $3,100 for A Paw in the Door during the annual sale in Dayton Arena. Joanne hopes to participate in the Give and Go sale again next year and raise funds for another pet-related organization.

She hopes her work with spay and neuter services—crucial for preventing pet overpopulation—will decrease the number of animals that end up in shelters.

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“I am committed to the cause of preventing pet over- population…. Simply put, there are not enough homes for the domestic animals.”