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Eric Morin
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs ~ Class of 2002

Posted September 23, 2009

Before becoming a dean, Eric Morin was an assistant coach for the Bowdoin football team. In this capacity, he played an integral part in developing the annual football team spring break service trip to Gulfport, Mississippi, where members of the team work on hurricane cleanup activities. Having previously served as an AmeriCorps*VISTA in Bowdoin's Community Service Resource Center (now the McKeen Center), Eric has a strong background in service and was able to capitalize on the Department of Athletics’ support for making the project a priority.

To date Eric has accompanied two trips with nine players each. Because most press coverage of Hurricane Katrina has been focused on Louisiana, the group’s efforts in Gulfport are especially important. During the two trips taken so far, team members have helped build two houses and a park, and have cleaned up a lot of debris. They have met members of the community through the St. Anne’s Catholic Church, which has provided their housing and meals. The choice of Gulfport was particularly appreciated by the Bowdoin football team because local residents constantly tell stories of NFL great Brett Favre, a Gulfport native.

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“The people there are amazing and are one of the reasons the trip has been so special to us.”