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David Vail
Adams-Catlin Professor of Economics

Posted July 01, 2009

In 1994, David Vail served as a founding board member of the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP), a non-partisan public policy “think tank” that works to foster shared and sustainable prosperity throughout the state, with emphasis on fair taxes, livable wages, affordable healthcare and sustainable development.

David’s expertise in informing economic policy coupled with his passion for the environment and community development have kept him involved to this day. David directs a MECEP project that focuses on sustainable economic and community development in Maine’s northern “rim counties,” which have much more limited economic opportunities than the southern and midcoast counties. “Spreading Prosperity to All of Maine” is an initiative that proposes policies to create livable wage careers, social and economic revitalization of rural communities, and sustainable management of Maine’s natural resources. As a result of the study, several projects have been undertaken by the state and multiple NGOs.

In addition, David has served on the Governor’s Steering Committee on Natural Resource-based Industries and has done pro bono advisory work for numerous organizations.

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“Collaboration with like-minded colleagues and activist organizations to create MECEP was a continuation and extension of Maine policy work I’d been doing since the mid-1970s.”