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Colin Joyner
Head Coach, Men's and Women's Tennis ~ Class of 2003

Posted November 02, 2009

In January of 2008 Colin Joyner signed up for the Student Affairs Division Staff Day of Service. Like the others he was ready to lend a hand and work with colleagues in the community. What he didn't know was how much he would learn about an important issue in the state of Maine, and how Tedford Housing was working to address that issue in the Midcoast region.

Arriving early one morning, the group of six staff were met by Don Knisely, Tedford's executive director. He shared the vision, mission, and values of the organization to help the volunteers gain a larger sense of their purpose and delivered their task: to paint - top to bottom - a family apartment. Knowing that nearly 1,100 people in Maine are homeless on any given night, the importance of the shelter and any single room there took on new meaning. Having volunteers assume some of this responsibility for the upkeep of facilities helps Tedford focus their resources on other more pressing needs. For Colin, the most rewarding part of the day was seeing Don's gratitude when he saw the finished work.

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“There is something infectious about working together with others on something that benefits the greater good. We had a blast painting and telling stories and conquering obstacles that we ran into throughout the process.”