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Cati Mitchell
Class of 2009

Posted March 04, 2009

Cati Mitchell has focused her volunteer service at Bowdoin on college aspirations in myriad ways. She served with a group of Bowdoin students who interviewed nearly one hundred students across Maine about college aspirations; this data was published by the George J. Mitchell Scholarship Research Institute. Cati found that most of the students hoped to attend college, but lacked the resources and know-how to get there. Cati later came to address this problem in the Aspirations in Maine program, which she now co-leads. In addition to serving as a college advisor through the Aspirations program at Mt. Ararat High School, Cati is coordinating three overnight visits to Bowdoin from students across the state, including the Midcoast region and Washington County. This past summer, she served as a teaching assistant with Bowdoin’s Upward Bound program, which helps low-income students achieve their goal of succeeding in higher education.

Cati is currently working on an independent study project that would place recent Maine college graduates in high schools across the state. They would serve as college guides and provide assistance to students hoping to attend college.

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“I feel like I've succeeded if one of my students decides to go to college or finds the path there a little bit easier because of the work we've done.”