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Bridge to Kids Days 2009

Story posted May 12, 2009

On May 1st and 8th, 2009 Bowdoin’s campus could be seen teeming with over 120 students from local elementary, middle, and high schools.  These students were visiting from Bowdoin Central School, Bowdoinham Community School, HarpswellIslands School, Mount Ararat High School, Mount Ararat Middle School, and West Harpswell Elementary as a part of Bridge to Kids Days.  These days offer an opportunity to celebrate mentoring relationships between Bowdoin students and children in the local community.  Additionally, it is an important opportunity for these children to set foot on a college campus, often for the first time, and to plant the seed of college aspirations in many of their minds.

The mentees were very excited to visit the college and see where their Bowdoin mentors live and go to school.  During their visit they had the chance to join their mentors for lunch in Thorne dining hall, always a favorite activity among the kids, as well as participate in other fun activities around campus.  Some of these activities included kickball, football, and tag on the Quad, a visit to Pickard theatre, pool and ping pong in the union, as well as arts and crafts on the 16th floor of the tower. 

Approximately 200 Bowdoin students serve in one-on-one mentoring relationships with local students during the school year through Bowdoin’s mentoring programs. Most programs are student-run and meet at various SAD 75 schools for one hour, once-a-week, for the entire academic year.  Additionally, many Bowdoin students volunteer as mentors directly with Big Brothers Big Sisters.  All of our mentoring opportunities are made possible through a partnership between Bowdoin, MSAD75, and Big Brothers Big Sisters Bath Brunswick.    

If you’re interested in learning more about Bowdoin’s mentoring programs and how to get involved please contact Jessica Horstkotte at jhorstko@bowdoin.edu.

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