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Video: Jonathan Rollins '08

Story posted September 19, 2008

Jonathan Rollins '08 explains how his participation in the Alternative Spring Break program helped him decide to volunteer full-time with a non-profit organization this fall.

Jonathan Rollins '08 will spend the next year in Nicaragua interning for Rainbow Network, an organization that works to improve the lives of impoverished Nicaraguans. He received this job through the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD), an umbrella organization that has partners all around the world involved in various forms of sustainable development.  While in Nicaragua, Jonathan will be working with Rainbow Network, helping to implement its five-pronged approach to poverty eradication. This includes medical assistance, public and community health care, community education, housing development, and micro-finance.

Not only will Jonathan have a mentor at the Rainbow Network, but FSD will provide him with a home stay for the entire year in order to gain a better understanding of the community in which he will be living. The organization will also provide support through bi-weekly meetings with all of the interns in the area to discuss common obstacles and how they can work to find sustainable solutions. There will be seminars and lectures that will help educate the interns about grassroots organizations, grant proposals, and the conditions in Nicaragua. After his time in Nicaragua, Jonathan hopes to continue his work in international sustainable development.

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