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Teaching as a Form of Professional Service

Story posted October 29, 2008


How are teachers effecting change?
What does it take to be a good teacher,
and how does one navigate the educational profession to make a difference?


Pick up a bag lunch and join us for a discussion about these and other questions, as well as find out about a variety of programs that can help prepare future teachers.

For students considering teaching as a career or teaching in some capacity following graduation, this discussion will provide not only larger philosophical ideas to consider about the purpose of education, but also ways to approach and prepare for teaching opportunities.  Members of the Education Department (Sarah Chingos, Charles Dorn, Nancy Jennings and Ken Templeton) will be on hand to share information not only about Bowdoin's program but also a variety of other certification programs.  Learn more about the Boston Teacher Residency program, the Shady Hill School program, and graduate programs such as the Yale master’s of arts in Urban Teaching for example.  All are welcome!

Wednesday, November 5th
12:00 - 1:00p.m.
McKeen Center for the Common Good
Banister Hall

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"What are the ways in which teaching is a form of service?"