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"Seeking the Common Good"

Story posted September 12, 2008

The yearlong series of public events "Seeking the Common Good" reflects the McKeen Center’s role to encourage and support learning and reflection about the meaning of the common good and to promote exploration of major public issues. Emphasizing cross-disciplinary engagement in inquiry and debate that reaches beyond Bowdoin, this series links the study of topics in academic courses to their exploration in a multiplicity of other venues. Lectures, symposia, films, exhibitions and performances in this series will focus on particular visions for achieving some element of “the common good” through examination of compelling problems or issues, and efforts to address them locally, nationally and internationally.

McKeen Center

"Manufactured Landscapes" inaugurates the "Seeking the Common Good" series with a set of events that explores the environmental crisis of waste disposal from a global perspective. "Peculiar Obligations: Historical Perspectives on the Common Good," an exhibit on how the Bowdoin community has interpreted its central commitment throughout its history, and "Theater for the Common Good," examining theater’s relation to civic dialogue and public issues, will complete the series offerings this fall. In the spring semester, the "Seeking the Common Good" series will focus on innovations in addressing inequality of access to health care and higher education, and how post-Communist societies are redefining questions related to the common good.

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Learn and reflect about the meaning of the common good and engage in exploration of major public issues.