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Paul Landsberg
Class of 2010

Posted June 08, 2007

Paul Landsberg volunteered for Friends of the Inyo in Bishop, California during the summer of 2007 and brought his experience back to Bowdoin by working on a project for the organization in the environmental studies course Introduction to Geographic Information Systems. Friends of the Inyo is a small organization that seeks to protect the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, and Paul created an analysis for road density in parts of the Inyo National Forest.

After learning how to use the ArcGIS software program in the environmental studies course, Paul designed an independent study with Dewitt John and Eileen Johnson. Using the Google Maps API and Google Spreadsheet, he created a system that allows the public to add photos and comments to maps of the Inyo region. These comments will be used by Friends of the Inyo to recommend areas for closure or resource protection.

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“I hope that people will use the interface I developed and make it successful in further helping to protect the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.”