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Liz McGhee '89
Program Manager, Spindleworks

Posted November 17, 2008

With a love of the arts and a desire to be a part of a small vibrant community, Liz McGhee, an art major at Bowdoin, jumped at the opportunity to head up the thriving Brunwsick art center, Spindleworks.

As a program of Independence Association, Spindleworks offers art supplies as well as studio and gallery space to adult artists with disabilities, and focuses on abilities, strengths, and each individual’s unique qualities and creations. With education as part of the mission, the staff and artists of Spindleworks work to eradicate the notion of “disability.” The warm, caring, and open nature of the Brunswick community has allowed the artists to flourish here, gaining respect as artists and people first.

With support from Bowdoin's Common Good grant, Spindleworks started a summer session for high school students. This year, one of those students has graduated from school and signed on as a full-time artist at Spindleworks. Her work has already been exhibited and sold throughout the community.

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“What if we were to eradicate the word 'disability'? Is it too ideal to think that we could live in a society where people were defined by what they could do instead of what they couldn't”