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Jessica Sokolow
Class of 2009

Posted December 10, 2008

Jessica Sokolow received a Psi Upsilon Fellowship to serve in a full-time internship with the Maine Audubon Society during the summer of 2008.

The Maine Audubon Society works to conserve Maine’s wildlife and wildlife habitat by engaging people of all ages in education, conservation, and action. Jessica researched bird species, and this research will help conserve these species in the local area.

She appreciated the opportunity to be an environmental educator on myriad topics for both kids and adults from Maine and all around the United States. These people came to the society’s sanctuaries for day camps, school tours, and weekend family programs. Jessica says that the fellowship gave her the opportunity to jump right into the non-profit to help in every way possible. Although her internship is complete, she says she plans to still go back to serve as a volunteer over the course of the year, and in particular, she hopes to continue to lead school groups on informational tours through Scarborough Marsh.

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“The process was challenging because it required us to weigh the values of so many important projects.”