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Frank Mauceri
Lecturer, Music

Posted November 24, 2008

For Frank Mauceri, music and community are a natural fit. As the founder of Jazz for a New Society, a Brunswick-based jazz ensemble that performs in community venues to raise money for local non-profits, Frank “wanted to find some way the music could function in a community formation. So the idea of forming a coalition between activists, the community, and jazz musicians came about.” In October 2007 the ensemble presented its first show and now plays regularly at The Gelato Fiasco.

On average the group raises about $100 per performance and the proceeds have gone to a variety of local non-profits, including Tedford Housing, the Midcoast Hunger Prevention Project, Peace Action, Keep Maine Warm, and the Brunswick Sustainability Group. Equally as important to Frank as raising money and providing information about organizations is building a sense of community through live performances in local venues. He believes that strengthening community bonds will support all efforts to address important issues.

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“If we are there taking pleasure together and talking together then our incentive to take care of each other is just that much greater.”