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Benny Chen
Class of 2011

Posted December 23, 2008

Benny Chen spent this past summer working at the Arrupe Summer Program, which is a summer camp for children from low-income families in Cleveland, Ohio. The program provides children in the Arrupe Community Center’s neighborhood a safe place to go during the summer months to participate in fun activities at little or no cost.

Through his role of supporting the program’s teachers, Bennie realized the camp helps children learn the value of learning as much as providing a safe place. Some of the activities—including photography and woodworking—are ones they might not have the chance to learn otherwise. In addition, the program might increase the likelihood that the kids will continue on to high school.

Benny hopes to become a teacher at the camp in the future, but, in the meantime, plans to get involved in Bowdoin’s Aspirations in Maine programs, which provide a variety of ways for students to work with youth in Maine, encouraging them to plan and prepare for post-secondary education.

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“I have decided to get involved with the Aspirations in Maine program to help give back to Maine youth some of the resources that I received as a youth in Ohio.”