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Film: "Under the Mango Tree"

Story posted October 03, 2008



Steve Bartus '08, Anna Karass '08, and Aisha Woodward '08 traveled to Ghana for three weeks this past summer to chronicle the work of the Maine Ghana Youth Network. They have released this initial cut of their documentary film.

"Under the Mango Tree" follows the work of an inspirational grassroots movement striving to better the lives of children in Kissehman, an area within Ghana's capital city, Accra. Formed in 2003, the Maine Ghana Youth Network has been led by Kissehman residents who are committed to improving the educational opportunities for the children of their community. This film depicts the joys and challenges of running an organization in the face of often difficult circumstances.

"While most people are familiar with the seemingly intractable problems facing many African countries, we hope that 'Under the Mango Tree' will give you a chance to witness another kind of story: one of perseverance, hope, and the power of a community to improve the lives of children," Woodward writes.

The students also supplied disposable cameras to the children of Kissehman, and instructed the kids to take pictures of things that they found most important in their daily lives. Galleries of these photos are viewable online.

The students traveled to Ghana with financial support from the Davis Projects for Peace program.

Visit Steve, Anna, and Aisha's web site to learn more about the trip.

(Having trouble seeing the video? Click here.) 

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A story of hope.