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The Christie Lectures

The Dan E. Christie Mathematics Lecture Fund was established in 1976 by family, friends, colleagues, and former students in memory of Dan E. Christie `37, a member of the faculty for thirty-three years and Wing Professor of Mathematics from 1965 until his death in 1975.

Monday, May 3, 2010   
Professor Glenn Stevens, Boston University
7:30-8:30pm, TBA

Michael Starbird – March 30, 2009
“To Infinity and Beyond”

Nathan Dunfield - September 17, 2007
“Mathematical Truths: Experiment, Proof, and Understanding”

Sir Christopher Zeeman, FRS
September 16, 2006
Introduction to Catastrophe Theory, with Applications to the Biological and Social Sciences

Malcolm Williamson
October 25, 2005
Public Key Cryptography

Jeff Weeks
October 26, 2004
The Shape of Space

Harriet S. Pollatsek
April 7, 2004
Where the Railroad Tracks Meet: An Introduction to the (Finite) Projective Plane

Steven Krantz
April 9, 2003
A Matter of Gravity

Kathleen Snook
November 13, 2002
A Continuum of Choices

C. Herbert Clemens
April 17, 2002
Surviving the Math Wars

Thomas F. Banchoff
October 29, 1999
Internet-Based Courses and the Future of Math and Science Education

Roger E. Howe
October 7, 1998
Lost Theorems of Euclidean Geometry

Joseph A. Gallian
November 19, 1997
Breaking Driver's License Codes

Edward Burger
February 4, 1997
Why I HATE Mathematics But Love Museums

Frank Morgan
September 28, 1995
The Soap Bubble Geometry Contest

James E. Keesling
May 4, 1994
Fractals: Jagged Geometry

Rollin R. Fessenden
April 8, 1993
Math is So Much Fun Because There Is Never A Right Answer

Marjorie L. Senechal
April 7, 1992
Reflections on Symmetry

Walter Rudin
October 4, 1990
Set Theory - An Offspring of Analysis

Robert L. Devaney
September 27, 1989
Chaos, Fractals and Dynamics: Computer Experiments in Mathematics

David A. Vogan, Jr.
February 1, 1989
56 MPH: Life In A Slightly Non-Commutative World

John D.C. Little
March 9, 1988
Supermarket Bar Codes and Management Science

Philip C. Kutzko
April 23, 1987
Metaphor in Mathematics

Paul J. Sally, Jr.
April 14, 1986
Triangles, Polygons, and Shmuzzles

Joan P. Hutchinson
April 10, 1985
How Should You Solve a Real Traveling Sales Representative Problem?

Haynes R. Miller
April 20, 1983
Surfaces in 3-Space: Analogs of the Figure Eight

Jonathan D. Lubin
April 7, 1982
Seeing Non-Euclidean Geometry with Computer Graphics

John W. Tukey
April 15, 1981
Robustness and Resistance in Data Analysis: Past, Present, and Future; an Introduction

Albert W. Tucker
October 9, 1979
On Sperner's Lemma and Another Combinatorial Lemma

Howard Eves
September 12, 1978
Perhaps the Most-Used Technique in Mathematics

Ernst Snapper
March 20, 1978
Logicism, Intuitionism, and Formalism

Henry O. Pollak
October 28, 1976
Shortest Connecting Networks