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Colby-Bates-Bowdoin Mathematical Biology Seminar

In the emerging field of mathematical biology, data-based modeling is tightly interwoven with experiment to drive and enrich both fields. This research depends on close collaboration between mathematicians and biologists. Crossing the bridge between the two disciplines requires a significant investment of time by the individual researchers, but we have found that the results are extremely stimulating, for faculty and students alike. This website and seminar series in mathematical biology are designed to stimulate interaction between the disciplines and among the three colleges, to provide a vibrant learning community in which we can all explore the math-bio bridge.  Calendar of Events »

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Seminar Series

The seminar will meet roughly every other week during the Fall 2007 Semester. Each talk is scheduled in the usual seminar time-slot of the host department, to allow maximal attendance by faculty and students in that department. Our goal is to create a sense of community that engages both faculty and students interested in questions at the interface between mathematics and biology. To facilitate community interaction, each seminar will be preceded by a brief introductory tea and snacks will be served at BioMath Hour which follows the seminar, providing an informal academic setting for collaborative discussions. 

Please do come and join us!