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April is Math Awareness Month on Mathematics of Sustainability

Story posted March 29, 2013

Math Awareness Month Events at Bowdoin include

Math Awareness Month: mathaware.orgMath Awareness Month: mathaware.org

Bowdoin students are urged to join the The Sustainability Counts! Energy Challenge. Help create a national database of energy savings by schools and colleges: Demonstrate the power of collective action.  Urge your old high school teachers to do this, too!

Browse essays on the Mathematic of Sustainability.   Including water, climate, green technology, social justice, ecosystem services, disease, and education.

Reaching Day Zero: Living Sustainably at Bowdoin and Beyond
4/2/2013 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Visual Arts Center, Beam Classroom
An interdisciplinary faculty-facilitated conversation on what Bowdoin students can do about climate change and how different fields can contribute to the conversation. Moderated by President Barry Mills and led by a panel featuring Casey Meehan (Education), David Collings (English, Gay and Lesbian Studies), Emily Peterman (EOS), Laura Henry (Government), Mary Lou Zeeman (Math), Barbara Putnam (Visual Arts), and Katy Longley (Bowdoin's Chief Financial and Administrative Officer). 

Co-sponsoring exhibiton with Bowdoin College Museum of Art: Sense of Scale, Measure by Color: Art, Science, and Mathematics of Planet EarthCo-sponsoring exhibiton with Bowdoin College Museum of Art: Sense of Scale, Measure by Color: Art, Science, and Mathematics of Planet Earth

This exhibition celebrates visual splendors of the natural world, focusing on how earth scientists and mathematicians use color and scale to measure and interpret geological and oceanographic processes. As a pendant exhibition to Per Kirkeby: Paintings and Sculpture, this show generates compelling synergies between the perspectives of arts and sciences.

On view is a dazzling array of samples from Bowdoin College's historic crystal and mineral collection alongside photographs of brilliantly colored micro-thin mineral slices. The patterns and colors that appear in these minerals offer clues as to how mountain ranges formed over time. The exhibition also features evocative photographs from Arctic and Antarctic regions, taken by Bowdoin faculty and their colleagues, and which reveal cyclical processes of sea ice formation. Visitors can also interact with virtual modules from the Mathematics of Planet Earth exhibition competition.

Organized with Bowdoin College faculty Collin Roesler, chair, Earth and Oceanographic Science; Emily Peterman, assistant professor, Earth and Oceanographic Science; and Mary Lou Zeeman, R. Wells Johnson Professor of Mathematics

Christie Lecture
April 12, 2013
Kenneth Golden Professor of Mathematics University of UtahKenneth Golden

Professor of Mathematics
University of Utah


In September of 2012, the area of the Arctic Ocean covered by sea ice reached its lowest level ever recorded in more than three decades of satellite measurements. In fact, compared to the 1980's and 1990's, this represents a loss of more than half of the summer Arctic sea ice pack. While global climate models generally predict sea ice declines over the 21st century, the precipitous losses observed so far have significantly outpaced most projections.

Kenneth Golden Professor of Mathematics University of UtahDr. Golden will discuss how mathematical models of composite materials and statistical physics are being used to study key sea ice processes and to advance how sea ice is represented in climate models. This work is helping to improve projections of the fate of Earth's ice packs, and the response of polar ecosystems. In addition, a video from a 2012 Antarctic expedition where sea ice properties were measured will be shown.

The lecture is aimed at a general audience. Students, high school students and the public are all welcome.

MCRN: mathclimate.orgMCRN: mathclimate.org/education

Learn more about mathematics of climate - you can find curriculum materials, annotated reading lists, lecture notes, videos, and more.

Laura Voss FosterLecture
April 9, 2013
Laura Voss Foster
Guest Lecture in Math 318 - Modeling for Climate and Sustainability
"Structure of the Atmosphere"
Searles 213
11:30- 12:55
Guests are welcome

mpe2013.orgMPE: Mathematics of Planet Earth  mpe2013.org

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