Wet Laboratory * Contact Rosie Armstrong (rarmstro@bowdoin.edu) to inquire about use of the Marine Laboratory, or other facilities at the Coastal Studies Center.

The Wet Laboratory has 1700 ft2 of space and an open floor plan to accommodate a variety of tank configurations. Flowing seawater is pumped to the lab at a rate of 100 gallons/minute. There is limited dry space within the Wet building for electronics and microscopes. The bathroom has a shower for divers. The Wet Lab is equipped with dissecting and compound microscopes, 9 chillers (1/2 hp), and a CO2 bubbling system for climate change work.

Wet Laboratory

PierSeawater for the Wet laboratory is pumped from dual intakes mounted at 3 m water depth on the Research Pier, which features a seasonal floating dock for small boats (Harpswell Sound can freeze over completely in winter). 

Bowdoin maintains the R/V Laine, a 21’ Seaway vessel, for coastal oceanography workBowdoin maintains the R/V Laine, a 21’ Seaway vessel, for coastal oceanography work, and a variety of skiffs and small outboards.

The Terrestrial LabThe Terrestrial Lab is a multipurpose lab space for researchers and classes. The floor plan includes benches and open space for small class gatherings. At the moment, power is solar and may be limiting for some teaching and scientific purposes. A short walk reaches the Terrestrial Lab from either the Wet Lab or Farmhouse.

FarmhouseThe Farmhouse is a former working farmhouse that has been converted into a downstairs retreat space and an upstairs 2-bedroom apartment for visiting scholars and researchers.