Projects from Previous Years

2016 Research Awards

Naomi Jabouin, '18 traveled to Martinique to learn about its art history and to investigate the issues of identity formation due to the history of colonization, enslavement and the current political status of the country.  Read Naomi's report 

Preston Thomas, '17 traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico to explore how art, images, and advertisements influence conceptions of race and belonging.  Read Preston's report

2014 Research Awards

Natasho Soto, '15 conducted research on service and tourism concepts of sexuality, gender, and care in Latin America.  Read Natasha's report

2013 Research Awards

Elizabeth Gonzalez, '15 conducted research on prostitution and 'narcocultura' in Colombia.  Read Elizabeth's report

Chris Robleto, '14 conducted research on the ways that ideas of nationality and national belonging are shaped in Nicaragua.  Read Chris's report

2012 Research Grants

Hannah Lorastein, '13 conducted research on the lived experience of racial labels and categories in Lima, Peru. Read Hannah's report

2011 Research Grants

Annabel Boeke, ’12 examined the medical discourse on tuberculosis during the great wave of immigration to Buenos Aires, Argentina between 1870 and 1914. Read Annabel's report

Eli Garrard, ’12 investigated the ways in which “body politics” are manifest in contemporary Argentine cinema. Read Eli's report

Laura Till, ’12 explored the ways in which Mapuche poetry is perceived by non-Mapuche who may or may not support the broader political claims of this ethnic minority. Read Laura's report

2009 - 2010 Research Grants

Christina Pindar '12 studied the impact of clinics in the role of women's health in the La Primavera barrio in Managua, Nicaragua.  Read Christina's report »

Zulmarie Bosques '11 researched the role of the domestic worker in Lima, Chile. Read Zulmarie's report »

2008 Research Grants

Michelle Argueta ‘09 worked with Allen Wells on the role of women during the civil war in Guatemala.  Read Michelle's Report.

Julia Seltzer ‘09 worked with Enrique Yepes on poetry and peace activism in Medellín, Colombia. Read Julia's Report.

2007 Research Grants

Sharon Benjamin '08 worked under the supervision of Gustavo Faveron-Patriau on ecotourism in Costa Rica.

Eric Volpe '08 worked with Dan Sharpe and Joanna Bosse on the social history of Samba in Brazil.

2006 Research Grants

Jonah Gabry '07 went to Buenos Aires to gather works and interview authors and scholars toward a Latin American Studies Honors project on contemporary poetry in Argentina and translation. Jonah is being advised by Professor Enrique Yepes in Romance Languages, and he is translating and analyzing poets Carlos Barbarito and Óscar Torres Duque. See Jonah's Report

Shelley Goulder '07 also went to Buenos Aires to obtain oral histories for a Latin American Studies Honors project on how different generations of Argentine Jews have perceived and coped with anti-Semitism. Initially advised by Allen Wells, Shelley worked with Professor Blacker-Hanson upon her return to campus. See Shelley's Report

2005 Research Grants

Avery Galleher '06 conducted interviews and collected information on how Chileans perceive their Pension System, which resembles President Bush's proposed reform for Social Security in the US. She is advised by Professor Henry Laurence in the Government Department. See Avery's Report

Jae Lee '06 collected on-site information to support her proposal entitled "'Core-guayos' in Paraguay," a study on the self-representation and integration processes of different generations of Koreans in Paraguay. Jae is advised by Professor Allen Wells in the History Department. See Jae's Blog

More Projects from Previous Years Include:

Sage Orr, '01 worked on an archaeological dig in the Rio Bravo Conservation Area in northwestern Belize with the New England Archaeology Institute. She studied the role of gender in traditional middle and lower class Maya domestic settings. Her research focused on how gender and class are reflected and identified in the archaeological remains found at the Maya site of Ma'ax Na. This study grew out of a previous independent study with Prof. Lesley Shaw (Anthropology) which examined the depiction of royal women at Yaxchilan, also a Maya site. Independent Study Advisor, Lesley Shaw.

Chawupi Kalinga, '01 studied Caribbean cultural identity in the context of globalism. His research took him to Trinidad where he studied two schools of Caribbean cultural traditions, Negritude and Creolite, for blacks in the African diaspora. He conducted interviews with West Indian intellectuals, with an eye towards examining how these cultural traditions and the concept of Caribbeanness represented different ways of grappling with West Indian identity. Prof. Patricia Saunders (English) served as his Independent Study advisor.

Sarah Mountcastle, '05 worked at a children center in Quito, Ecuador. She studied the structure of the program and interviewed teachers, directors and children. Upon her return, she conducted a similar project at a center in Portland, Maine, and compared the nature of each program, its conception of education, and their relationship to wider phenomena such as national projects and cultural assumptions. Prof. Enrique Yepes (Spanish) served as her Independent Study advisor.

Erin Dukeshire, '05 a biology and Spanish major (with a minor in music) from Longmeadow, Mass., conducted research on the ecology of the marine snail Tegula atra. Over the summer, she took field measurements of snails at different sites along the coast of Chile. Upon her return, she worked with Visiting Assistant Professor Lindsay Whitlow on a senior honors project.

Michael Lettieri, '05 a history major with a minor in Spanish from Weston, Mass., conducted research and interviews in Mexico City and the provincial capital of Oaxaca in preparation for a senior honors project on the evolution and composition of the Mexican middle class. Michael worked on this project with Allen Wells, Roger Howell Jr. Professor of History.