John Harold Turner Senior Prize in Latin American Studies

Established in April 2004 by the LAS Committee, this prize is awarded to a graduating Latin American Studies major who, in the judgment of the Program's Faculty, has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement based on coursework in the major, as indicated by academic record, and/or independent research in an Honors Project or Independent Study.

Prize Recipients

Eli Garrard, 2012
Jamilah Gregory, 2011
Molly Masterton, 2010
Juan Camilo Angarita, 2009    
Cassia Roth and Naomi Sturm, 2008
Jonah Gabry and  Holly Kingsbury, 2007
Colin Doyle, 2006
Marcus Pearson, 2005

John Turner is a scholar of Renaissance Spanish literature and contemporary Latin American literature, and an authority on the works of Argentine author Julio Cortazar. He has published numerous papers and articles and is author of the book The Myth of Icarus in Spanish Renaissance Poetry.

Turner earned an M.A. at St. Andrews University, an A.M. degree at Indiana University and a doctorate at Harvard. He joined the Bowdoin faculty in 1971.

A superb teacher, Turner has mentored scores of Bowdoin students in his 40 years of teaching, many of whom still count him a personal friend. He was instrumental in establishing the Latin American Studies Program at Bowdoin in 1999, and helped to recruit many of Bowdoin's Latin American scholars.