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"These Saving Words: A Poet's Reflection on the Chicano Experience" by Tino Villanueva, April 18

Story posted March 23, 2011

TinoDate/Time: 4/18/2011 - 7:00-9:00 PM
Beam Classroom, VAC
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Lecture and poetry reading
Latin American Studies, The Departments of English and Romance Languages, The McKeen Center for the Common Good, and LASO, the Latin American Student Organization
Emily Briley
Open to the Public

Internationally acclaimed Chicano poet, artist, and scholar Tino Villanueva is the author of several poetry collections, including Scene from the Movie Giant (1993), which won the 1994 American Book Award. Born in Texas to a family of migrant workers, Dr. Villanueva now teaches at Boston University. He edited the seminal literary anthology on the Mexican American literary tradition Chicanos: Antología histórica y literaria (1980), and has published a number of articles on poetry. His poems address a wide range of experiences, from backbreaking migrant struggles and language politics to space, love, and the nature of creativity.

Dr. Villanueva’s talk on April 18th will include a reading of his poetry and its connection to the Chicano experience.

Made possible with the generous support of the Blythe Bickel Edwards Fund.

"Line by line I break silence with words too sudden to refuse."
— Shaking Off the Dark (1984), Tino Villanueva