Ernest Joy's Letters, 40-43

September 1, 1941

Sept 1-41

Dear Bob
      received your letter and picture ok and I also received the wind vane I have not put it up yet the Batterys has played out and so has the generator.  Lester is supposed to come down and try to fix it the anemometer will onely flash about twice and that mighty dim I think these old batterys are on their last legs for they willnot hold up any time and the generator has just made up her mind not to go.  Maby Emerson when he comes down inOctober can do something with her the boys and Lester all went on the 28 aug so we are all alone I have a new dora and a new punt and a 5 hors out board motor Bob Herrington and his brother was up for a few days
     Best regards from Carrie and me
             Yours truly
                      Ernest a Joy