Ernest Joy's Letters, 40-43

October 1, 1941

October 1 – 41

Dear Bob
    received your letter ok now don't start turning too many leaves for if you do I may get another letter before xmas wilch I dout I will  Lester was down and going around like fart in a mitten he had 3 days work to do in one he worked at the generator and the thing was like old man greens clock when he greased it with lard it just made a click or to and stopped I guess the thing is about in its last legs the onely hope I have is that when Emerson comes down he maybe able to do something with it, next month I will try and get a battery charged on one of the lobster boats
boy my out board motor runs fine I go to whitehead in 35 minutes and back in 40
I was coming out of the woods with a load of wood in the old truck this morning and broke the drive shaft so I am shit out of luck for this winter when you come up in febuary you better bring some dry sell batteries (if you come) o yes I have a new dora and the out board goes in a well, she goes good I have made 3 trips to whitehead boy I wish you was here to help us enjoy the mosquitos they have long bills and sharp points and they know how to use them I think I will go and look for deer on the 15 if Emerson can come down
         well Bob write again soon
              Best of luck,

P.s duke taylor got lost in the harbour one night in mabuary Ingalls dinkey he found the shore some where and after a while he found the house and got some of the boys to find the dinkey but they never did so mabuary was out a dinkey  mabuary brought him down to the mouth of the harbour and set out in the dinkey dike thinks he road around sheep island [?] how he got lost